Pariah Pickups

We want the best pickups available regarding punch, clarity, and string separation. As a standard, every SGT DOOM guitar comes with a selected set of Pariah Pickups made in Canada. They give our guitars a unique character and supply various options for custom-made pickups for our customers.

We made our own line of pick-ups in collaboration with Pariah. They are called ”The HEMIBUCKER” and ”The HEMICOIL.” If we say so ourselves, they are pretty excellent picks and true joy and pride to install. 

The HEMIBUCKER is a hot, warm and dynamic pickup suitable for both clean and  distorted sounds. A little push in the MID range allows the guitar to find its own place in the sound landscape.

It’s a high output pickup with PAF characteristics. Alnico 2 magnet in the bridge pickup and Alnico 5 magnet in the neck. 4 conductor wire gives you the options for series /parallel /split wiring.

The HEMICOIL is a mixture between a P90 pickup and a single coil with the magnet installed at the bottom. It’s a perfect complement to the HEMIBUCKER and great for clean, lead sound.