Christopher Amott

Name: Christopher Amott
Band(s): Dark Tranquility, ex Arch Enemy


“For those who don’t know, I almost exclusively play Sgt Doom Guitars now, which are designed and manufactured in Sweden. The model here is called “Super VEE”. Builder and founder Erik Almstrom is now a dear friend of mine, and is work shop is about 2hrs from where I live. All Sgt Doom’s are customised and built to to order, however this particular VEE is not. I am excited because right now we are discussing the design of a custom super Strat model for me, it is gonna be so awesome!

The Sgt Doom Guitars respond so beautifully to nuance and dynamics, that they’ve made me excited to play and practice more again. But I wouldn’t have gotten one if I didn’t think they look good as hell too, 70/80’s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal style, which is the shit I grew up with and still love. For me, a guitar needs to look cool and it’s the first thing I go by. Second is how it feels to play, and and lastly how it sounds, which is the part that is the easiest to change I guess, you can always change pickups and stuff. No need for any of that with the this Super VEE though, it was gorgeously perfect right from when I picked it up!

In my opinion, looking at the range of electrics out there, all the way from the huge corporate instrument makers to the many skilled luthiers creating fine boutique instruments — the playability, reliability, and visual appeal of Sgt Doom is unmatched.

I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to play the best of the best in electric guitars.”