With the great Eddie Van Halen in mind, our Superstrat is designed to oppose all the other shredders out there!

The inspiration for our Challenger is found in the time when cars were allowed to be equipped with both speed and elegance. The Challenger by Sgt Doom became a reality for the same reason the vehicle with the same name did back in 1970.

Are you up for a Challenge?

Super Vee

Our Super Vee, with its beautiful shape, inspired by the late ’50s and early 60’s American full-size cars, is a true piece of art.

We wanted to create something unique and took the Original ’58 Korina V one step further.
The distinctive and streamlined design is just as suitable for a traditional rocker as a headbanging metalhead.


Are you looking for a guitar with an attitude? This one has all of that swag!

Like its inspirational ancestor did it on the tracks back in the 1970s, our Superbird is designed to perform with style. The Superbird by Sgt Doom is a very well-balanced instrument with a rich tone and sings like an angel. Don’t get fooled, though, for it is possessed with bestial characteristics!

It’s ready to fly!


A true classic with its very own place in rock history.

With a little tweak to create a well-balanced instrument as well as to avoid a guitar that has an uneven weight and drops when you let go of the neck.

And to top it all off, this guitar comes along with a lesson to play the riff in “Whole lotta rosie”!

Superstar (SS)

If you want to make a statement and be sure to be noticed, this is the guitar for you.

It´s got a bold design, and if you are a fan of W.A.S.P, the Super Star is the given choice for you. Do you aim for a sky-high rock-n-roll career? Well, the name of this guitar is pretty clear! You want to leave your audience in awe right!?


Welcome to the land of dreams! Only your imagination sets the limit for what can be made. Have you thought about a design/body shape that does not exist? We help you develop your ideas into reality and ensure that construction and design achieve your expectations.

If you dream of an existing model, this is also a dream possible to come true. We offer advanced design/carving to anyone and everyone who wants to own a one-of-a-kind guitar.

What are you waiting for?


In my opinion, looking at the range of electrics out there, all the way from the huge corporate instrument makers to the many skilled luthiers creating fine boutique instruments — the playability, reliability, and visual appeal of Sgt Doom is unmatched.
I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to play the best of the best in electric guitars.

Christopher AmottDark Tranquility, ex Arch Enemy