About Sgt Doom

A classic look with a modern touch – named after American muscle cars

From the time when popular culture was born, when music, fashion and cars were a way of life. That is where our models get their shapes and names! Looking back on the design and manufacturing esthetics of the 1950s and 1960s, there are many similarities between cars and guitars. Both in shapes and colors. It is the lifestyle of SGT DOOM, which reflects in our instruments.

The name SGT DOOM comes from our founder, Erik Almström, and his past as a street racer. He lost control of his car at one race and crashed into a bus. That’s when he named his car, a 1966 Chevy Chevelle, SGT DOOM. Today Erik has left the street racing behind and is solely focused on his love for guitars, but the name stuck. It’s a reminder of the lifestyle he and his guitars still incorporates.

Every guitar wearing the iconic SGT DOOM-Logo is 100% custom built with that extra deep look into detail to give you a perfect instrument. 

Guitars are our passion!