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About Sgt Doom

Guitars are our passion


How we build our guitars


The SGT DOOM Guitars Custom Shop is based in the south part of Sweden, in the countryside of Småland. We create our unique guitars—using good old reliable woodworking machines, mainly from the 1960s.


The headstock is a big part of the identity of a guitar and a part of the soul of a guitar brand. The choice of headstock determines if you want to go towards metal or a more traditional, classical style



Excellent quality with considerations for the planet

Vic Zino

Superbird guitarist in Hardcore Superstar


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Pariah Pickups

We made our own line of pick-ups in collaboration with Pariah. They are called ”The HEMIBUCKER” and ”The HEMICOIL.” If we say so ourselves, they are pretty excellent picks and true joy and pride to install.